Orange Psychological ServicesEvaluating and treating sex offenders for over 20 years

Dr. Maram and Staff

Dr. Maram is an authority in the field of sexual abuse.

For more than twenty years, he has provided treatment, evaluations, expert testimony, and training in this area of specialization. As an evaluator, he provides assistance to defense and prosecution counsel in civil, criminal, and administrative law cases.

Dr. Maram serves on the Orange County Adult and Juvenile Courts Expert Panel and the Sex Offender Commitment Program for the Department of Mental Health. Along with his highly trained therapists, Dr. Maram provides state-of-the-art evaluations and treatment for individuals alleged or found to have sexually abused others.

These evaluations include a comprehensive battery of psychological testing as well as the use of psychophysiological testing to objectively measure and individual's sexual interests. These tests include the Abel Assessment for sexual interest, penile plethysmograph (phallometry), and clinical polygraph examination. Additionally, risk assessments are conducted utilizing the most recent actuarial tools developed by researchers in the field of sexual recidivism.

In recent years, Dr. Maram has conducted scientific research measuring deviant sexual interest and arousal among alleged and admitted sex offenders utilizing phallometry and the Abel Assessment for sexual interest.

Dr. Wesley Maram has been facilitating group treatment for sexual offenders since 1979. He has been a licensed psychologist since 1984, and prior to that he was a Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor. He currently conducts psychological evaluations for attorneys both for defense and prosecution, the Department of Mental Health, the Attorney General's Office, the Regional Center, and other psychologists. He is an active member in professional organizations that support research and training for the treatment of sexual abusers and victims. Dr. Maram is also intimately involved in the supervision and training of the S.O.S. team.

The S.O.S. Treatment Team consists of additional licensed psychologists, doctoral-level psychological assistants working towards licensure, and licensed marriage and family therapists. The therapists have extensive training in general counseling as well as sex-offender-specific treatment. The S.O.S. team is a group of highly qualified professionals that utilize a team approach to ensure that clients receive the most effective treatment.

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