Orange Psychological ServicesEvaluating and treating sex offenders for over 20 years

Specialized Assessments & Evaluations

The S.O.S. Program offers specialized assessments and evaluations for individuals who have admittedly or allegedly engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviors.

A comprehensive battery of psychological and psychophysiological tests helps to assess an individual's psychosexual adjustment and risk of recidivism. The S.O.S. Program utilizes state-of-the-art testing including the Abel Assessment for sexual interest, penile plethysmography, and polygraph examinations (described in detail below). Evaluations are conducted for the courts, attorneys, social services, therapists, or private individuals.

The S.O.S. Program also offers an abbreviated evaluation that consists only of psychophysiological testing designed to determine-using objective measures only--the presence of deviant sexual interest in children and violent sexual themes.

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