Orange Psychological ServicesEvaluating and treating sex offenders for over 20 years


Dr. Wesley Maram provides telephone or in-person case consultation to other professionals in areas related to sexual abuse, sexual deviancy, sexual addiction, sexual offending, treatment of abusers, and risk assessment. Additionally, he conducts record reviews, administers and evaluates psychophysiological testing (Penile Plethysmograph and Abel Assessment for sexual interest) and provides expert opinion on cases.


Dr. Wesley Maram and his colleagues conduct trainings and workshops on many topics related to sexual abuse and sexual offending. Training and workshops are modified to fit the particular needs of the audience, which range from other clinicians, probation/parole/police officers, social service agents, judges, attorneys, students, and the public.

Dr. Maram's most recent presentations are:

  • Juvenile Sexual Abusers: Characteristics, Typologies, Assessment, and Treatment
  • Evaluating, Treating, & Supervising Sex Offenders
  • Sexual Violence, Deviation, and Experimentation: A Sign of the Times and/or Changing Values
  • Adolescent Sex Offenders: Identifying Characteristics
  • Penile Plethysmograph & Abel Assessment Effectiveness: Research Outcome

Please contact Dr. Maram via telephone or e-mail to discuss your training needs and fees. Fees vary based upon location, length of training, number of participants, etc.

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